Friday, 13 June 2014

Vine Vera competition. 2 x Facial Treatment giveaway at the London Stores !

We are giving away 2 lucky winners a VIP treatment fit for a queen at our Vine Vera stores in London. The competition ends on Midnight Sunday 15th June 2014. It takes 10 seconds to enter! click here to enter simply : Click Here Good Luck!

 Vine Vera Competition

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The 5 Best Places to shop in London

London is known to be one of the best places in the world to shop. But with so many shopping districts to visit and thousands of different shops it can be difficult to find exactly what we are looking for. 

We have rounded up our top 5  best places to shop in London from Luxury goods in Chelsea to quirky finds in Camden Town and more.

5. Westfield Shopping Centre

The Westfield shopping centre in stratford attracts over 45 million people each year. The Westfield shopping centre in Stratford has over 370 stores, from all the major high street stores to high end luxury brands and more. You would need a whole day dedicated to this shopping haven. 

After you are all tired up and have shopped till you dropped you can relax at one of over 100 different champagne bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

4. Notting Hill & Portobello Road

Notting Hill was made famous thanks to the movie with the same name starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. In Notting Hill you will find an array of small boutiques selling vintage clothing, organic food shops, and stores selling unusual unique items. There is also the unmissable Portobello road market which has a number of stalls everyday but is at its prime on SaturdaysThe market stalls sell everything from antique goods to costume jewelry and more, 

On the other side of Notting hill nearby to Westbourne Grove you will find many stylish stores, trendy cafe's and eateries, there are also a few art galleries and popup shops. 

When visiting Notting Hill you will immediately fall in love with the vibe and the atmosphere you are bound to find a hidden gem when going shopping here.

3. Sloane Street

Sloane Street is one of London's finest shopping avenues, where you can find some of the worlds most admired luxury brands. From stores such as Miu Miu and Chanel, all showcasing their latest collections from the runways in Milan, New York and Paris, this is the ideal go to place for high end goods or some quality window shopping! 

2. Camden Town

Camden Road is a long road outside of Camden Town tube station, it is full of unique shops, market stalls and many different street foods from various cuisines. There are many different areas in Camden market each with a different specialty.

The Camden Lock is where you can find vintage clothing and some rare finds. There is also an indoor Sunday market at the electric ballroom which is a top music venue during the week but transformed into a market on Sundays. 

1.  Kings Road Chelsea

Kings Road in London has been chosen as our favorite shopping spot in London. The Vibes from this place are incredible! If you haven't been here before you must go. Apart from the many different types of shops such as specialty chocolate stores and funky clothes stores, you can also find the Vine Vera UK resveratrol store on Kings road. There are many cafe's and many restaurants on Kings Road to keep your energy levels up, you must visit this place for a fun day out in London.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

What is Resveratrol

 What is Resveratrol?

You hear about this compound all over the media! But what exactly is it and what is it good for?

Resveratrol has many health and anti aging skin care benefits that have been proven recently through scientific research. 

Vine Vera incorporates Resveratrol in all of its skincare and cosmetic products.

Below are 5 facts that you probably didn't know about Resveratrol.

1. Resveratrol Is Great For Your Health

Resveratrol has been said to:

• Protect your body cells from drastic damage

• Lower blood pressure

• Keep a healthy heart and increase elasticity in your blood vessels

• Help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

2. Anti Aging Benefits

The Resveratrol compound has gained a lot of attention for its reported anti aging benefits. Resveratrol works by deeply soaking in through your skin and into your paws.
New research has confirmed that Resveratrol aids in building proteins that stimulate longer cell life.

3. Where does it come from?

The greatest concentration of Resveratrol is found in the grape skin. Resveratrol can also be found in peanuts but the total amount of Resveratrol that can be extracted from peanuts compared to grapes is only around 10%

4. Compound Density

The Resveratrol concentrate in the Vine Vera products have approximately the equivalent amount of Resveratrol found in over 2000 glasses of red wine.

5. Where to get Vine Vera Resveratrol Products?

You can find the Vine Vera stores in London at the following addresses:

Vine Vera Knighsbridge
219 Brompton Road,


Vine Vera Chelsea
130 Kings Road